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Tritty's World

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Why Us

Tritty's World is about Tritty and her friendships. It is a story of kids and their day-to-day lives. The first season series does hyper-focus on bullying on the first season and shows how the kids work to stop cyberbullying.








Mrs. Johnson




Arlette Thomas-Fletcher
Writer, Director, Producer

Arlette Picture3.jpg

Arlette Thomas-Fletcher is a Executive Producer, Writer, Director and an award winning independent filmmaker.  Her feature western Christian film called "The Lonesome Trail" has been featured in the Charisma Magazine and also has been accepted to the INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN FILM and MUSIC FESTIVAL. and nominated for THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL FILM! The Lonesome Trail screenplay has won Best Screenplay at the Christian Film Festival and Best Trailer at The International New York Film Festival. 

Arlette has focused her directing career on short films and is now interested in feature films.


The short films and music videos she has written, directed and produced have all won awards. Her credits include “Assault in Brooklyn”, “The Mystery Date”, “You’re Not Alone”, “God Has My Back”, and “Like A Star” and many more.  Arlette Thomas-Fletcher was also the past president of Women in Film and Video of Maryland.  Her works have been featured at the Christian Film Festival, Inspired Faith Film Festival, Great Lakes Christian Film Festival, Baltimore Women’s Film Festival, Attic Film Festival, Torpedo Factory Art Center Female Shorts & Film and Video Showcase, The Phoenix International Christian Film Festival, and World Music Independent Film Festival.  She has also won the Communicator Award, Indie Film Fest Award, and Accolade Award of merit for scriptwriting.


Her music video “You’re Not Alone” was nominated for Honors at the World Music Independent Film Festival, the music video “You’re Not Alone” was also nominated for Best Music Video at the Attic Film Festival.  She is a Silver Telly Award winner. Arlette has also been a judge for Telly Awards and Our City Film Festival. Her other music videos include “Lord Show Me the Way,” “Dynamite”, ”Caramel”, ”Let Me Go”,  and  “If You Want to Hit It.” She has won a Peer Award for directing and for scriptwriting for her film “Assault in Brooklyn” from (TIVA-DC) Television, Internet, and Video Association. Arlette's latest projects a collaborative writing of a period script  “The Key", and her pilot film “Where’s Daddy”?  She currently has a screenplay called Daddy Where Are You? which was featured in Spotlight Magazine. She working on a new animated web series called "The Cat Faced Cat" and Tritty's World.


Tritty's World Animation Series

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How It Works

Stop Bullying Create Friendships


Tritty's World Cast

Christopher Inlow.jpg
Christopher Inlow

 ​Portrays the character of Brandon who is a smart alec know-it-all kid. He also plays with the other student boys in the class one who has a German accent.  

Mitchell Ross Jr.

 ​Portrays the character of Mark who is very studios and speaks with a lisp. He is friends with Tritty and Kristal in the animated web series "Tritty's World". 

Vivian Yoon Lee.jpg
Vivian Yoon Lee

Protrays the character of Mrs. Johnson in the animated web series "Tritty's World ". She is a school teacher who is very caring and nurturing to her students. She also plays Kristal a little girl who cares a lot about what people think of her. She is very into fashion and is Tritty's best friend.  ​

Snitty Kiblom

Portrays the character of Janet in the animated web series "Tritty's World ". She is a troubled young girl who is a cyberbully. All the kids know about her and no one wants to be her friend. 

School is where you learn to be kind to others


Mitchell Ross

plays the role of Mark

His film role includes a role as a psycho boxer in the film “Ingress”, an IT computer geek who was an undercover agent in the film “Dead Secrets” to a young trailblazing cowboy that moved out west with his family in search of a new life in the award-winning film “The Lonesome Trail.” He is heavily influenced by Will Smith, Viola Davis, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, and many other actors. He is also heavily influenced by his Mentor Arlette Thomas-Fletcher who has helped coach him along with his career.

Vivian Yoon Lee.jpg

Vivian Yoon Lee plays the role of

Mrs. Johnson and Kristal

Her first TV role was on HBO's "VEEP." She has also appeared in ABC's "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World", Universal Pictures feature films "Fast and Furious 7" and "Jason Bourne", Netflix's TV series "House of Cards", NBC's "Constantine", VH1's "Hindsight", SAG feature films "After the Outbreak" and "Secrets", and music video "Optimum High" by Wardolphin.

Christopher Inlow.jpg

Christopher Inlow plays the role of

Brandon and Student 1-4

Christopher Inlow is an actor that takes the performance of any character seriously. He gives 200% toward making it believable. He is committed to taking the audience on a journey that is real and sincere. He truly becomes the character. As an artist, he is a professional and from the moment he enters the set he is whomever the character is that he is portraying. He is truly an assembled actor as well, understanding that each and every character is important to the entire story content.


Snitty Kiblom plays the role of Janet

She is a new actor who has worked on "Tritty's World" playing the role of Janet. She has skill in doing voice-over doing voices for ages 10-21. 

Stop Cyber Bullying

Be aware of what your child is doing on their digital device. Make sure they are not bullying others or being bullied.

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